Gym Facilities

Get your sweat on at MSAC with high performance gym facilities, group fitness classes and Olympic level swimming pools.

MSAC Gym Facilities

Cardio Zone

The best in technology, iconic views and equipment to get your heart pumping, our cardio zone is the perfect space to push yourself. With Bluetooth connectivity, internet connections, inbuilt programs, heart rate monitor’s and TV access on all our machines, along with an amazing 180-degree view of the stunning Albert Park Lake, getting your sweat on with us is not just a workout, it’s a world-class experience.

Free Weights Zone

Our extensive free-weights area caters to everyone, from beginners, general toning, muscle building to advanced strength and conditioning. We have a range of dumbbells, a large selection of benches, kettlebells, med-balls and barbells to accommodate any free-weights training programs at any fitness level.

Functional Zone

Get creative while achieving your fitness goals in our functional zone. You can tyre flip, push, jump, press and drag your way through a high intensity, circuit-style workout, using training equipment designed to maximise your results in minimal time. The perfect space for getting an effective session in if you’re pushed for time or mixing it up to add more variety in your routine.

Athlete Performance Centre

Utilise our premium and private strength and conditioning space that is specifically designed to cater for the needs of athletes and teams. Located just outside our main gym area and overlooking our indoor 50-metre competition pool, the Athlete Performance Centre is ideal for anyone seeking privacy and an exclusive space, while also being able to utilise our world class strength and conditioning equipment.

For more information on this unique facility, or to request an appointment to view the space, please fill in the form here and one of our specialists will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Recovery and Restoration Zone

It’s not all about lifting the heaviest weight or running the longest distance, recovery is just as important to your fitness journey and we have exactly what you need to manage yours. We have a dedicated recovery and restoration zone, with a hydrotherapy pool, a cold plunge pool for contrast therapy, hot yoga studio with over four different types of yoga classes on offer and reformer Pilates classes.